• Characteristic

    We do not try to be all things to a client, we only offer deep and broad expertise in the area of the law we know best.  

  • Cost Effective

    We offer high-quality and experienced legal assistance – without the high cost structure of larger outsourcing organizations. More importantly, our clients do not have to pay for the learning curve.

    Cost Effective
  • Collaborative

    We use the depth of our employment law knowledge to grow your business and practice. We do not limit our relationship to a transactional model; our core purpose is all about trust and relationships and we work with our clients as partners in our journey towards mutual growth.

  • Committed

    We value time and realize its high importance in legal sector.  We do our best, therefore, to meet deadlines and provide advance time to the client.

  • Confident

    We are amazing at our work. Our team exhausts every possible legal research methodology to find you that Purple Cow and give you that vital edge. We’re very quick in our drafting skills and often surprise our clients with the quality of our work.

  • Communication Friendly

    We use technology to remain easily accessible to our clients. We are responsive and available around the clock when necessary.

    Communication Friendly


Our expertise in using Westlaw helps us identify and scrutinize the core issues on an expedite basis. Our analysis is based upon exhaustive research of Statute, Case Laws, Jury Instructions & Verdicts, and Practice Guides like Rutter Group, Witkin, among others.


We assist in drafting various motions and pleadings like Complaints, Demurrers, Answers and Counterclaims, Motion for summary Judgment, Compelling and Opposing Motion for Arbitration, Mediation and Trial Briefs, among others.


We assist by drafting and reviewing various employment and commercial contracts including but not limited to Employment Agreements, Arbitration Agreements, Employee Handbook Manuals, Confidentiality Agreements, and  Settlement Agreements.


We assist our clients in the discovery process in compliance with the procedural law. Among other things, we assist in propounding and responding to discovery, preparing deposition summaries, and analyzing the relevant information and documents.


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