About Us

CELO (California Employment Law Outsourcing) is perhaps the only outsourcing organization dedicated to assist exclusively on labor and employment law matters of the State of California. The reason lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the employment litigation in California, developed over several years working with preeminent California labor law Attorneys and law firms. Hence, we do not try to be all things to a client, we only offer deep and broad expertise in the area of law we know best.

We provide Legal & Paralegal support in the area of employment law to California Attorneys, law firms, in-house counsels and legal departments of corporations.  Our team assists on a wide array of employment matters involving sexual harassment; retaliation; discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, religion and disability; whistle-blowing; fraud and wrongful termination. We also have extensive experience with wage and hour class actions involving claims for meal and rest break penalties, overtime wages, minimum wages, improper deductions, indemnifications, tip sharing, waiting time penalties, misclassification and Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) penalties.

We assist law firms and Attorneys by researching for relevant case laws and drafting pleading, motions and briefs for both single plaintiff and class action cases in state and federal court, from the discovery phase to summary judgment, and through trial.

We also assist by drafting and reviewing various employment and commercial contracts including but not limited to Employment Agreements, Arbitration Agreements, Employee Handbook Manuals, Confidentiality Agreements, Mutual Nondisclosure Agreements, Contractor Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Lease Agreements, Licensing Agreements, and Joint Alliance Agreements.

We at CELO are religious about our work. We are immensely dedicated and focused professionals and take each project as a challenge to prove our caliber. We boast about our in depth knowledge of the subject and proudly claim that we are no typical outsourcing organization, we are much more because our motive is clear and uncompromising, save our client’s time and money and provide peerless quality work.